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This is the simplest and easiest way to install mSpy and start spying on the target device. Here, mSpy uses a direct connection to iCloud for getting logged information. So, you would not need physical access to target device for installation and monitoring.

The best part is that you just need the iCloud credentials of the person to be spied on. If you are going to spy on your children or employees, grabbing the credentials would be an easy task. All these information is drawn directly via Apple Servers. If you have provided a jailbroken device to employees and children, things can be a bit confusing. Also, you are getting a reduced level of compatibility — as said earlier, iOS 6 to 8.

From the installation point of view, things can be much tougher. On the other hand, jailbroken version of mSpy opens up a wide variety of surveillance options. Apart from all the basic spying options, you can monitor all types of IM clients, track GPS location and even get deleted chat logs.

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In addition to Internet Browsing History, you can know the bookmarks. Things are more or less the same in the case of Android. You need physical access to the device for installing mSpy on an Android phone. Also, if you need complete set of features — including Instant Message spying —, you have to root the target device.

Now, we will check out the mSpy features offered for cell phone monitoring. Since there are a bigger number of features, we will divide them into sub-categories. In most IMs, you have options to find the messages and media that have been shared. The best part is that you can even check the Snapchat messages, which are actually deleted.

So, if your kids are sending some potentially-dangerous pictures or something, you can know that.

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You can block certain applications, thus preventing the use. This is a great feature if your kids have installed something malicious or inappropriate. You should frequently take a look at the installed app list, though. You can get alerted if mSpy gets uninstalled from the device. For instance, if mSpy gets blocked by an antivirus app, you will be notified about that.

In addition, mSpy offers comprehensive device reports. At the end of the week or month, you can understand all the things that the targeted user has done. So, these are the noteworthy spying features you will find in mSpy for Phones. However, we believe, mSpy offers complete surveillance on the device.

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